What is the difference between your free and paid content?

Our free lessons are just a taste of what Musora has to offer. While we sprinkle some of our special guest lessons on YouTube and other social media platforms, our free lessons are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the extensive and diverse range of musical resources available in the Musora Members area.

A Musora Membership is your golden ticket to a world of musical excellence! With your membership, you'll unlock the full power of the Method, get access to our talented MusoraCOACHES, dive into over 1800 video lessons, conquer 150+ step-by-step courses, groove to 100+ Play Along Songs, join the vibrant Musora Forums, elevate your skills with Student Focus sessions, and much, much more! And the best part? We're constantly adding fresh content to the Musora Members Area, so you'll never run out of musical inspiration!

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