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Become a member today and gain instant access to all four of our incredible platforms. Whether you're a rock enthusiast or a lover of various music genres, we've got something special for you.

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Musora+ Membership vs. Musora Membership

With a Musora Membership, you get access to a treasure trove of content created and owned by Musora. That means jamming out with lessons and entertainment from Pianote, Drumeo, Guitareo, and Singeo. However, please note that third-party licensed content, like the Songs collection, is not included in this package.

If you're ready to take it up a notch and experience the full sonic spectrum, upgrade to a Musora+ Membership! It unlocks access to all the goodies on the Musora platform, including the third-party licensed content that will make your musical soul dance with delight. Just remember, song transcriptions require a little extra love and come with a small additional fee. Currently, the Musora+ membership is $40/year more than the Musora base membership. We've worked our magic to keep it as budget-friendly as possible!

Monthly vs. Annual vs. Lifetime

Monthly: Wanna dip your toes in the rhythm pool? Go for our Monthly Memberships! Choose between the base rate or the + rate, and they'll automatically renew each month. If the groove feels too intense or you need a break, you can cancel anytime within the Account Details section. No pressure, just pure musical freedom.

Annual: Our Annual Memberships are here to sweep you off your feet! Similar to the monthly ones, you can choose the base rate or the + rate plan, and they'll renew automatically each year. And don't worry, if you need a break, you can cancel anytime within the Account Details section. We believe in giving you the power to orchestrate your musical journey.

Lifetime: Now, if you're ready to make music a lifelong companion, our Lifetime Memberships are your golden ticket! With a one-time payment, you'll unlock the magical world of the Members area and all the new content releases that come your way. It's like having an eternal backstage pass! Just a friendly reminder, the licensed songs' content is not included, so you'll need to purchase it separately on an annual basis ($40/year). But trust us, it's worth every penny!

Pack Access Only

Got a specific rhythm in mind? We've got you covered! Our lesson packs are like mini-explosions of musical knowledge that you can purchase separately. Once you get your hands on a pack, you'll have instant and lifelong access to all the mind-blowing lessons inside. However, please note that pack-only purchases don't include access to the Members' area content. But fear not, when you become a Musora member, you'll unlock all our Musora learning packs during your active membership.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Musora family and let the music ignite your passion! Get ready to groove, learn, and unlock a world of musical knowledge and inspiration that will rock your socks off!

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