How do I share lessons with my friends or family?

Guest Passes

Guess what? You've got 5 guest passes up your sleeve, ready to rock someone's world!

Here's the deal: Head over to Once you're there, keep an eye out for the magical gift icon, shining bright beside your profile picture.

Click it like you're hitting that perfect high note, and share the love of free memberships by inputting your loved ones' email addresses and let the music begin!! 

Please note: We're excited to have you on board, but the guest passes are exclusively for new members. They can't be used to extend your own membership, but we appreciate your enthusiasm! Keep rockin'!

Gifting a Membership

At this time, we don't have physical gift cards, but we do still process gift memberships! We're honored you want to share our lessons with your loved ones, and we want to help as best as we can. Please contact our Support Team so we can help you arrange the membership and make it a special gift experience for your loved one!

If you prefer to take matters into your own hands, you can simply place an order using your personal details and update all the account information after the order has been placed. Pass on the login details to your loved one in a special letter or note, and they will be riding the musical wave in no time! Just remember, if you only intend to make this a one-time thing, be sure to cancel any unwanted automatic renewals in the future. We want to ensure the gift is a delightful surprise without any unexpected charges. Enjoy spreading the joy of music!

Can I get a discount if I purchase more than one membership?

Are you looking to gather the ultimate musical crew? If you're interested in purchasing multiple memberships, our Support team is here to make it a party! They can provide you with all the information you need and let you in on any exciting discount options that may be available. Contact them HERE!

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