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About the Alesis Nitro Max

What is an Alesis Nitro Max Drumeo Edition kit?

  • It is an Alesis Nitro Max e-kit branded in Drumeo Blue. Check it out on our Drumeo Product Page.

Is this different than the regular Alesis Nitro Max kit?

  • The Drumeo Edition Nitro Max kit is the same as the Alesis Nitro Max kit branded in Drumeo Blue.

Is the Alesis Nitro Max Kit acoustic or an e-Kit?

  • It is a compact e-kit that can easily be folded up and stored away or transported.

Does Drumeo sell an acoustic kit?

  • Currently, we are focusing on the Drumeo Alesis Nitro Max e-kit and have not ventured into acoustic kits.

What is the price of the Drumeo e-Kit bundle?

  • This kit includes a 1-year Drumeo Membership. You get the drums, 1 year of lessons, drumsticks, and 2 bonus packs all for $1005.95 $499 USD. This is a limited edition color you can't find anywhere else. Plus it looks cool, nobody else is going to have it. If friends come over, they'll be asking where you got it. There's even an extra perk; the black mesh heads won't get dirty like white ones do over time.

Does the e-kit come as a free bonus?

  • With the purchase of a kit, the membership is considered the bonus.

I'm a beginner, is this a good kit for me?

  • The Alesis Nitro Max is a great choice for beginners. It has a sturdy aluminum drum rack, a 10-inch dual-zone snare for diverse sound dynamics, and 8-inch toms, creating a robust platform for learning drumming fundamentals.

I have neighbours and a small space. Is this kit a good choice for me?

  • Space is a luxury for drummers. Your Nitro Max fits in any room and folds up for easy storage between jam sessions. Mesh heads give you the feel of real drums while maintaining a quiet volume for your neighbors and family.

Can I purchase the e-kit as a standalone item? If yes what is the price?

  • Yes you can! The price is $499 USD.

Can I purchase the kit in a store?

  • Currently, the Drumeo Edition Alesis Nitro Max kit can only be purchased through us on the Drumeo website.

Can I put this purchase on a payment plan?

  • The Alesis Nitro Mesh promotion/kit cannot be split into multiple payments or put on a payment plan.

How do I redeem my 1 year of free lessons for the Drumeo Edition Nitro Max e-kit?

  • We made it super easy for you! When you purchase the Drumeo Edition Nitro Max e-kit, your account is created and your access is instant once you check out!

I already have an existing membership. Does the time get added to my account if I buy the kit?

  • If you already have a Drumeo membership subscription, the 1-year membership will be added to your current existing subscription time. Once the year is over your existing membership will continue auto-renewing.

How long is the free period for Drumeo's lessons?

  • 1 year for the Drumeo Edition Alesis Nitro Max kit purchased in the bundle.

I tried it and it's just not for me. What is your refund policy?

  • We understand that sometimes things don't work out the way you planned. You can pay for the shipping and return the kit to us within 90 days of your initial purchase. Please reach out to your Musora Mentor support@musora.com to initiate the process.

Features and Functionality

What are the key features of the Alesis Nitro Max drum kit?

  • Premium mesh drum heads for a quiet yet natural response
  • Large 10” dual-zone mesh snare for maximum playability
  • (3) 8” mesh single zone tom pads
  • Kick drum tower with kick drum pedal
  • 10” crash cymbal with choke, 10” ride, and 10” hi-hat with foot controller
  • 4-post aluminum rack for maximum stability and flexibility
  • Connection cables, drum sticks, drum key, and power supply included
  • Maximize your kit with an additional tom and cymbal with the Nitro Max Expansion Kit (not included)

What features does the drum module offer?

  • Professionally recorded sounds from the BFD drum library
  • Bluetooth audio streaming for wireless music play-along
  • Built-in device holder for easy access to your music and drum lessons
  • 32 ready-to-play BFD, classic and modern kits + 16 User kits
  • 440 drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds
  • 60 built-in play-along tracks, sequencer, metronome, and performance recorder
  • USB/MIDI connection for virtual instruments and recording software
  • 1/8” stereo aux input, 1/4” stereo line outputs, and 1/8” headphone output

Are the drum samples realistic and expressive?

  • The kit uses BFD Drum samples. Since 2003, BFD has been the virtual drum software of choice for producers, mix engineers, songwriters, and electronic drummers around the world. The original BFD software pioneered a new way of approaching software drums by delivering expressive articulations, rich timbral detail, and in-depth mixing options.

I live outside of North America, does the kit come with the power adapter for my country?

  • A globally adapted power supply is included. The power supplies are digital automatic switching power supplies that work worldwide in either 110v/220v. All common worldwide plug adaptors are included.

What types of outputs does the drum module have?

  • (2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) outputs (main left & right)
  • (1) 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo output (headphones)
  • (1) USB Type-B port

Is there any software that comes with my new e-kit?

  • Included with the purchase of your Alesis Nitro Max Drumeo Edition is 1 year of access to the Drumeo platform. You can learn to play drums using the Drumeo platform. If you are looking for a larger catalog of digital sounds, you can use the BFD Player for professional-level sounds.

How many kits come built into my new module?

  • The Alesis Nitro Max module comes complete with 40 classic and modern ready-to-play kits, as well as 30 new kits from BFD Drums. These kits and their component drums can be mixed and matched for maximum flexibility!

Can I customize the module and create and save drum kits that I create?

  • Yes there is space for 16 user kits

Can I add additional sounds or expansion packs to the drum module?

  • Using the BFD player, expansion packs and additional sounds can be run from your computer using a USB cable. While Drumeo does not sell additional expansion packs, you can purchase them for the BFD player directly from BFD Drums on their website. Check out this video that will show you where to purchase additional expansion packs and how to get them installed to the BFD player!
  • NOTE: Additional sounds and expansion packs cannot be added directly to the drum module.

Can additional pads or cymbals be added to the Alesis Nitro Max kit?

  • Yes! An additional tom and crash cymbal can be added to the drum module using the Tom 4 and Crash 2 inputs on the rear of the module. There is an Alesis Nitro Max expansion kit that can be added on and can be purchased from any Alesis dealer.
  • NOTE: This will be black shells/hoops with white heads vs. the Drumeo blue.

Do I need to purchase a hi-hat and/or kick pedal?

  • No, the kit comes complete with the hi-hat and kick pedal

Can I use this e-kit with a double-bass pedal?

  • Yes, some double-bass pedals will work with this e-kit. Be sure to check the dimensions first to ensure it will work. NOTE: Not all double-bass pedals will work as the placement of the beaters or the configuration of the pedal set-up may be larger than the available strike surface.

  • Approximate Kick Tower & Pad Dimensions

    • Kick Pad Diameter is 6.25 inches or 16 cm
    • Kick tower height from the ground is 16.5 inches or 42.5 cm
    • Kick Pad Width is 4..5 inches and the height is 4.5 inches (11.43 cm x 11.43 cm)

Are there specific types of sticks or beaters that I should use with the kit?

  • Although some companies make sticks specifically marketed toward mesh drum heads, it is not necessary to use a specific style of drumstick with mesh heads. Any wooden or plastic-tipped drumstick will not damage the drum head. Unlike acoustic drums, the style of the stick will not affect the sound produced.
  • NOTE: Avoid using chipped or worn-down sticks, as well as felt mallets and beaters

Does the drum kit offer any built-in practice tools or metronome features?

  • Yes there is a built-in interactive metronome and practice features

Can I connect my phone or tablet to the kit?

  • Bluetooth connectivity lets you seamlessly mix your drums with Spotify or Apple Music and play along. The drum module comes equipped with a handy device holder too!

How do I connect my new e-kit to Bluetooth?

  • Press and release the Power button to power on the drum module. If you have no Bluetooth device connected, the Bluetooth LED button will be off.
  • Press the Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode. The Bluetooth button LED will flash.
  • Go to your phone or tablet's Bluetooth settings and choose Alesis Nitro Max. Once paired, the Bluetooth button LED will light up.

NOTE: If the Bluetooth button is pressed again, pairing mode will be canceled, and the LED will return to the previous state (paired with the previous device or no device).

How do I disconnect my new e-kit from Bluetooth?

  • To disconnect your Alesis Nitro Max from your phone/tablet or computer, press and hold the Bluetooth button again.

Is there a headphone output for silent practice?

  • Yes, there is a ⅛ plug for headphones, allowing you to have private practice sessions.
  • NOTE: Headphones with a built-in microphone have a special jack that may not work properly with the Alesis Nitro Max module.

Will the Drumeo EarDrums work with this e-kit?

  • Yes, they will. Simply use the ⅛ plug for the headphones.

Can I adjust the volume of the pads on my kit?

  • Yes you can! Choose a pad you would like to edit by pressing the Pad Select button on the Alesis Nitro Max Module.
  • Select the Voice button and then click the Page/Select button until you see VOL on your display.
  • Using the < and > buttons, you can now adjust the volume level of the pad.
  • Be sure to click Save to store your new settings!

Can I use the Alesis Nitro Max to trigger drum software?

  • There is a USB/MIDI connection for use with virtual instruments and recording software. It is class-compliant which means that it will work with any modern Mac or PC without the need to download any software or drivers. This will allow you to trigger the software of your choice.
  • This e-kit also features MIDI In and Out ports for connecting directly to standalone MIDI gear. Both connections allow for the passing of MIDI information only and there will be no sound.
  • NOTE: USB Cable sold separately.

What type of USB cable do I need to connect to my computer?

  • Depending on the inputs on your computer one of the USB cables below should work.

Can it be integrated into electronic drumming setups or hybrid drum configurations?

  • Absolutely

What is the warranty on the Alesis Nitro Max drum kit?

  • The e-kit includes a 90-day purchase guarantee from Drumeo + a 1-year warranty from Alesis on all parts. 

Can I buy replacement parts separately?

  • The Drumeo Edition Alesis Nitro Max kit is pretty sturdy but we do understand that accidents happen. We will have some parts available in our warehouse such as clips, wiring harnesses, caps, etc...Drop us an email - support@drumeo.com and we will help you out!


Does the purchase price include free shipping?

  • Free shipping is included for Canada and the US.
  • For those outside of Canada and the US a shipping credit of $100 USD is given. The discount is automatically applied so you won't see a discount in the cart.
  • NOTE: Our free shipping on orders over $150 USD does not apply to this item.

Why is there only Free shipping to the US/Canada?

  • The Drumeo Edition Alesis Nitro Max kit is shipped from our warehouse in California. We're pleased to provide free shipping within the US and Canada. For international orders, we offer discounted shipping, though it's not free. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. We're here to help support@musora.com!

Does the shipping cost cover customs fees?

Your total cost at checkout includes any applicable sales tax but does not cover international customs, taxes, or fees. Since these are collected and determined by your country, we have no control over customs and import fees.

How much is shipping to each country? 

  • Once the item is in your cart and you add your address the shipping amount will be shown on the screen.

Does the $150 amount for free shipping count toward this?

  • Our free shipping over $150 policy does not apply to this item.

Weights x Dimensions

  • Product (Kit)
  • Dims (HDW): 12.12" x 21" x 36.2" / 30.78cm x 53.34cm x 91.94cm
  • Weight: 31.97lbs / 14.5kg

  • Giftbox
  • Dims (HDW): 12.84" x 21.48" x 37.56" / 32.61cm x 54.55cm x 95.4cm
  • Weight: 41.27lbs / 18.71kg

Additional Details

Alesis Nitro Max Tutorials on YouTube


  • Drum Kits: 32 ready-to-play classic and modern kits from BFD + 16 user kits
  • Instruments: 440 drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds.
  • Effects: Reverb, 3-band equalizer
  • Sequencer: 60 built-in play-along tracks, sequencer, metronome, and performance recorder
  • Tempo: 30–280 BPM
  • Display: Backlit LED
  • Power: 9 VDC, 500 mA, center-positive


  • (1) 25-pin cable input (9-trigger cable snake)
  • (2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) outputs (main left & right)
  • (1) 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo output (headphones)
  • (1) 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo input (auxiliary)
  • (2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) trigger inputs (Tom 4 & Crash 2)
  • (1) USB Type-B port
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