Will the lessons work for my child?

All of our lessons are like musical adventures, designed to be super fun and easy to follow for students of all ages. While we can't guarantee a perfect fit for every child, we have some awesome young rockstars as young as 4 years old who are rocking our programs with a little parental guidance.

If you're thinking about enrolling your young one in our lessons, we suggest keeping an eye on them to make sure they stay focused and engaged. Our instructors aren't physically there, so a little support from you can go a long way. And hey, if the lessons get a bit overwhelming, we've got something special just for them – our amazing kids course in Drumeo! It's all about rhythm, beats, and having a blast. "The Rhythmic Adventures of Captain Carson" is available to all Musora Members within the Shows section of Drumeo πŸš€

Got questions? No worries! Our support team is here to save the day. Just reach out to them HERE and they'll gladly answer your queries or even connect you with one of our talented instructors for some expert advice.

So, whether your little one becomes the next music prodigy or just wants to rock out for fun, we've got the tunes and the support to make their musical journey a blast! 🎸πŸ₯πŸŽΉ

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